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new pictures!/inactivity [14 Feb 2006|10:07pm]

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happy v dayCollapse )
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[18 Jun 2005|07:43pm]


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[08 Jun 2005|06:58pm]

I'm closing this. I don't think Carley or any of you give a fuck.
Should have done this a while ago.

add me folks.
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[25 May 2005|03:45pm]

sorry, leaving.
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[17 May 2005|06:16pm]

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[15 May 2005|02:30pm]

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Stamped -- leaving [12 Apr 2005|06:58pm]

add me if you would like.
Its been fun, but I am deleteing all my communitys.
Its for the better....
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hey guys. [11 Apr 2005|10:26pm]

I dyed my hair.Collapse )
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stamped///new journal [05 Apr 2005|09:51pm]


Change it please <3
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[03 Apr 2005|09:30pm]

Image hosted by
no pun intended, honest<3. :D

This is my note of resignation, my two weeks notice. I've been having problems lately, and I'm going to be taking quite a long break from LiveJournal. I might update once in awhile, maybe. Add me if you wish. It's been fun.

lovelove, Nicole.
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stamped._______ [13 Mar 2005|07:09pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

So they took off my braces yesterday.....Collapse )

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mmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddd [09 Mar 2005|08:50am]

hello there my pretty much dead community. How are y'all doing?
pictures + promosCollapse )
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just one teeny-tiny promotion. [04 Mar 2005|10:54pm]


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*Stamped//Following the Trend Pimp Yo* [04 Mar 2005|03:23pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Behind the LJ cut lies randomness...

I'm so caught upCollapse )

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[03 Mar 2005|11:09pm]

[ mood | content ]

gosh people...start posting!

il try to be the trend pimp this time...Collapse )

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stamped//promo [27 Feb 2005|04:26pm]

this is my community. please join. <3Collapse )
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get this community active!! [25 Feb 2005|07:20am]

random picturesCollapse )
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dflgkhrlgmodjghrlgh [21 Feb 2005|03:42pm]

SUP QT?!!@(&^(* .
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application [20 Feb 2005|07:26pm]

[ mood | weird ]

New//ApplicationCollapse )

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stamped [19 Feb 2005|11:49pm]
NEW LJ=una_dolce_vita
I promise this is the last time.
I'm using my original lj.
Could the mods please add this to the list? thanks.
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